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This year we will be using more door to door advertising and postal service for advertising. I just wanted to show you an example of what you might see from Brooks Lawn Service this year. If would like to see one on your door, please contact Fred Brooks @Brooks Lawn Service.



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Brooks Lawn Service is here to help

Ask your self the following questions:
Do you hate mowing and maintaining your lawn?
Do you have time to maintain your lawn?
Would you rather spend time with family and friends instead of maintaining your lawn?
Are you physically unable to maintain your lawn?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, contact Brooks Lawn Service. We can assist you in maintaining your lawn. Do not spend your free time taking care of your lawn! Brooks Lawn Service will take care of your lawn for you.
Contact Fred Brooks @Brooks Lawn Service for all of your lawn care needs. Leave your lawn care needs to the professionals.

Call/Text/Email Fred Brooks today for your free quote. We can be reached by calling 901-338-6347 or email [email protected]

Be sure to check out some examples of our work on the following social media websites:

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Brooks Lawn Service lawn care equipment.

Brooks lawn Service
Munford, Atoka, Millington, Memphis, Bartlett, Arlington, Brighton, TN

Brooks Lawn Service Equipment

Brooks Lawn Service:

Brooks Lawn Service is a professional lawn care company. We are a licensed and insured small business.  The heart and soul of our business is our equipment. Brooks Lawn Service only uses professional lawn equipment on our customers yards. This does not mean that companies that do not use professional equipment are not professional. There are many professional lawn service companies that use consumer grade equipment and they do a good job.

The reason that we chose to purchase professional equipment is quality of the equipment. The better the equipment the fewer break downs. The fewer break downs means that our customers lawns will be serviced as scheduled. Each year I always notice that towards the end of the mowing season, I start getting more and more request to mow, cut, maintain someones lawn. Most of the time its due to equipment failure.

The professional equipment manufactures that we use include Kubota for tractors and lawnmowers, Scag for lawn mowers, and Sthil for handheld equipment.

If you are in the need for a lawn care professional, contact Fred Brooks at Brooks Lawn Service. Fred can be reach by text/call or email. His telephone number is 901-338-6347. His e-mail address is [email protected]. Brooks lawn Service looks forward to working with you.

Areas that we serve in West TN include Millington, Munford, Atoka, Brighton, Covington, Bartlett, Arlington, and Memphis.


Equipment we use:


Brooks Lawn Service lawn care equipment.

Buton 36″ mower. Brooks Lawn Service lawn care equipment.

Brooks Lawn Service lawn care equipment.

Kubota L3240 with Rotary Cutter and front end loader

Mowing Season is upon us

Mowing season is upon us. The 2017 Brooks Lawn Service team still has room to add new clients. If you know anyone that is needing yard/lawn maintenance, please have them call/text/email Fred Brooks at Brooks Lawn Service. Phone number 901-338-6347, email [email protected]. If you refer someone to us, and they sign on with Brooks Lawn Service, we offer a referral bonus.

Brooks Lawn Service is available for the following cities and towns in West TN. We service Millington, TN, Munford, TN, Atoka, TN, Brighton, TN, Bartlett, TN, Arlington, TN.

Mowing grass by Brooks Lawn Service in Millington, TN.



Mowing with Kubota tractor

We are back and ready for 2017!!!


Don’t spend your weekends mowing your yard. Leave the mowing to Brooks Lawn Service.

LEAVE THE YARD WORK TO Brooks Lawn Service!

ATTENTION: WE DO WINDOWS!! If you need your exterior or interior windows cleaned contact us.

Contact Brooks Lawn Service for all of Lawn Care needs. We are still running a weekly lawn service (Ends March 7th). Get 10% off their weekly lawn service with a signed contract. Must mention ad. Mowing starts at $35.00.

***Bush Hog***
***Mulch installation***
***Flower beds***
***Spring Cleanups***
***Clean Gutters***
***Lawn Treatments***
***licensed and Insured***

We are serve commercial and residential customers.
Munford, Atoka, Brighton, Drummonds, Millington, Bartlett, Arlington
Call, Text, or Email Fred Brooks for service.

****Licensed and Insured****
Mowing Starts at $35.00 (mow, trim, & edge)
Bush Hog/Tractor work $60.00 per hour

Contact Fred Brooks with Brooks Lawn Service. fred@brookslsdotcom
We service Millington, Munford, Atoka, Brighton, Bartlett, and Arlington.

You can find examples of our work on our website, Facebook, and Instagram page.

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Do you want green grass?

This is a yard that maintain in Raliegh/Bartlett area. Yard had some nice grass in it, but it also had a lot of weeds. I asked the homeowner to let me kill the weeds in the lawn. The homeowner did not want/have a lot of money to spend on lawn treatment. She told me what the previous lawn company was charging for their mowing and lawn treatment.
I placed a call to Steve Clark with Southern Lawn and Pest Inc.. Their prices were similar to what the customer was already paying. The before and after differences speak for themselves. Some homeowners make the mistake of getting their lawn treated and do not water the lawn on a regular basis. You can’t wait for it to rain if you want your grass green, it needs water to help it grow.
Brooks Lawn Service only uses Southern Lawn and Pest for all my lawn treatments.They are doing outstanding work. If you want a green and well maintained lawn, call/text Fred Brooks 901-338-6347 or email [email protected]
Mowing stats at $40.00(Mow, trim, & edge)
Licensed and Insured
IMG_1761 IMG_1767 IMG_2085 IMG_2080IMG_2078
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Brooks lawn service lawn care
Brooks lawn service in Millington
Brooks Lawn Service Tipton County & Shelby County

Testing out GoPro on weed trimmer.

Testing out GoPro Hero4 Black on Sthil FS90R weed trimmer. The camera works great. I need to fix the vibration problem created by the trimmer. I was impressed by the video quality. Will be using the GoPro on the trimmer more to get better footage.


Brooks Lawn Service Millington, TN

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New Customers

Brooks Lawn Service (BLS) wants to mow your lawn for you this summer. Call Brooks Lawn Service for quality work. We are licensed and insured. If you or someone you know needs lawn care send them our way.

Call or text Fred Brooks at 901-338-6347 or email [email protected] for your free quote


Killing the Weeds

Killing the weeds in the Lawn.

Killing the weeds. In order to have a green lawn in the summer, you must kill the weeds before they get a chance to establish. Early Spring is the best time to spray for weeds.

We used a Pre-Emergent as well as generic from of Roundup to kill everything in the lawn.

Contact Brooks Lawn Service LLC for your lawn care needs. 901-338-6347, email [email protected]
Brooks Lawn Service

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Brooks Lawn Service, LLC Lawn Care Video from 2015

This video is of Christian and I of Brooks Lawn Service, LLC mowing one of our customer’s yards. We are both fairly new to video production, so the first few video are a learning experience. I am a photographer first and videographer second. The video’s will get better as we go along.

If you need someone to mow your yard, contact Fred Brooks at Brooks Lawn Service at 901-338-6347 or email me at [email protected]

If you know anyone that is in needs their lawn mowed, give us a call.



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